Drug Rug Outfit

The perfect drug rug outfit includes a Mexican Threads baja hoodie and a maybe a rasta looking hippie bag along with a Mexican blanket and some navajo boho printed socks. Throw in some pink tribal designed leggings for girls and some chill UFO pants for guys and you will fit right in with all the hippies.

drug rug outfit

rasta baja-drug-rug-hoodie

drug rug blanket

pink drug rug

drug rug for men

Mexican Threads

Drug Rug Hoodie

Unless you have been living in a cave the last 5 years, you probably already know that the online drug rug hoodie super store is MexicanThreads.com where they have baja hoodies (drug rugs) for days and a larger selection of colors and sizes than anywhere in the world. They have absolute free shipping so the price you see is the price you pay; none of this trickery of low prices and then $10+ dollar shipping.
drug rug hoodie

Buy Baja Hoodies Online at Mexican Threads

You can buy a baja hoodie online at Mexican Threads where they have the best selection, fastest shipping times and Free Shipping to the United States with low shipping rates to Canada and the rest of the world. The Mexican drug rug sweatshirt is very popular and often called a baja pullover. They now come in kids sizes and in zip up styles. Shop MexicanThreads.com now!
drug rug hoodie

Hippie Baja Hoodie

Hippie clothing has made a huge push lately and there is nothing that hippies love more than wearing an awesome Mexican baja hoodie, which is more commonly known as a drug rug sweatshirt. You can find these amazing sweatshirts online at MexicanThreads.com where they ship for free. A very popular color is the Bob Marley rasta style that is red, yellow, green and black.
hippie clothing bajahippie sweatshirt baja hoodie

Why Are They Called Drug Rug Sweatshirts?

The famous baja hoodie adopted a new name in the last few years and it spawns the question: Why are they called drug rug sweatshirts? Well the answer is not very shocking, it’s because they are very popular in the hippie culture and hippies are typically known to smoke a lot of drugs. So when they are doing these drugs they are typically wearing a baja jacket and so it evolved to have names such as a hippie hoodies or drug rugs. Buy them online with Free Shipping at MexicanThreads.com.
drug rug baja hoodies by mexican threads
why are they called drug rugsdrug rug sweatshirt bajas